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The SFS Story

      SFS started in 2005 after the classes a friend & I were attending stopped. My friend said to me ‘you should start buying some stuff and                 teaching, even if its just a few of us getting together each month’… and the rest, as they say, is history…
      but here’s a few highlights for you…


      I started creating kits for our little group to use, and any extras I  would sell on my blog. I love creating kits using a mix of new and old and          was one of the 1st shops having kits as their main product line.

     The first website came along in 2008 and here is website #3… bigger and better than anything I could have imagined. 

     But SFS isn't all about stock & websites…

I still teach classes, cant believe that back in 2005 I didn't think I could teach people scrapbooking, but now I have 5 or more classes a month held in the shop.

What would be SFS’s main focus? RETREATS… retreating is how SFS really became who it is today.

My 1st retreat was held in the lounge room of my home in 2007 with 18 ladies…

I also attended a few other small retreats with a few items from the shop - but nothing large scale.

In 2009 a group of us from the Hunter boarded a plane and headed to Melbourne for a retreat - we had the best 5 days, shopping, scrapping in our motel room, then retreating in the Dandenongs with many online friends we chatted to daily on a forum… we had so much fun and created up a storm, however the retreat ended bittersweet with some unjust negativity but this led to the real making of SFS and where the Sheep logo came from… my sheeples followed me and supported me, and to this day many still attend my annual retreat in October which we held in my home till 2013, when we needed a bigger venue as 24 people was a bit squishy in the house.

In 2013 I decided to change & expand SFS by become a complete mobile retreat shop and in 2013, 2014 & 2015 attended 12-16 retreats each year around NSW & one in Victoria. As well as attending other peoples retreats

In 2016 I ran 6 SFS retreats with 40-65 people in the Hunter & Port Stephens area as well as attending some other selected retreats around NSW & VIC. 

Where to from here? My next goal is to expand SFS retreats north, mid north coast NSW & QLD, so watch this space :)

NEWS UPDATE - in 2017 - I, Peta, was put through many ordeals and situations out of my control leading to a total change in the way SFS was headed. The worst part came in August when I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and then a seizure, this has meant having to put the SFS business on hold as no one was there to help me in the backend to keep it running whilst I recovered.

2021 - I am coming back.... back to the business I love and need to build again, and yes from scratch I will restart and create it exactly how I planned from day one back in 2005!


So bring on April/May/June 2021 and the SFS shop is slowly moving into its new home - level 1 97 Hannell St Wickham NSW

It is a huge task moving it all, cleaning it, counting it and restocking it into the website... but if you are reading this now it means we are BACK!!!

Smaller area for the shop, but a great area for crops, classes and maybe [just maybe] a retreat may be in the pipeline.

I am loving going thru all the stock, and there will be lots of new exciting things arriving weekly soon too.

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