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About Peta


 Hi I'm Peta... aka "boss lady" or as most refer to me "Head Sheeple" of the SFS flock.

I am a single mum of 4 children, Zac, Meah, Caleb & Sienna. My life is always full steam ahead. A HUGE life change in 2017 has seen my business taken a back seat. However I am preparing now to move forward with many new things in my life which will see me be able to put some focus back into SFS.

Scrapbooking & creating is still my stress release, and I make sure I create something each week even if its just editing photos ready to print.

I have been scrapbooking since 2003. My interest started after being invited to a Creative Memories workshop at a friend’s place, but my true scrapping addiction started in 2005 when I found the huge range of products available when attending a local lady's workshop.

This hobby soon turned into a business through my desire to help other people get their photos into albums by running classes myself and creating designer kits....and now it is so much more.

*** SFS is Australia’s largest mobile retreat shop travelling along the East Coast of Australia visiting over 12 different venues annually.

*** SFS was running 5 retreats in the Hunter Valley & Lake Macquarie 

*** SFS had weekly classes and monthly crop days.

SFS is not just about scrapbooking for me. Yes it encompasses all of my favourite hobbies, allowing me to enjoy owning a business & getting creative all at once, but more importantly it is a chance for me to help other people learn and grow their knowledge of their hobbies in a fun filled environment tailored to suit everyone’s needs.

Yes, I love what I do, and MISS IT SO MUCH!

2017 bought HUGE changes and challenges to my home life and my health. My marriage separated and a few months later I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm which put me in JHH in ICU and life saving operation. My children suffered a lot through this and also during my recovery as I was unable to drive which made their routine a very different one, especially without their on call taxi driver. 3 months passed and I got my license back and we flew to Melbourne for the girls to perform in the National Dance Championships, we had a great few days although the noise wasn't great at times for me. On the last day I suffered a gran mal seizure and was hospitalised in Frankston VIC. My kids flew back home as we were booked to leave that day, and my mum flew down to stay with me and we flew back the next day. My kids went down hill again after witnessing my seizure and having to leave me there not knowing, and once again I was not allowed to drive but this time it was 6 months.

Through all of this I was extremely blessed to have my parents, sisters [brother inlaws], my kids and some amazing friends drop everything to help me and my children.

I am now very blessed to have a wonderful man by my side who supports me and together we now run two businesses, a Real Estate Agency & a Property development Company. We also have big plans for SFS moving forward.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well I have been involved in some training over the past 12months with my new job and it has shown me that by giving information about where I am at helps people feel they know and trust me as this is me, I cannot change what happened, nor can I change anything that was caused when all of this happened I just need to move forward and make the most of everyday as life is way too short to not be yourself, enjoy yourself and do things that bring you pleasure... my SFS business is what I need back in my life, more than I can say...

So today I have decided it is time to get back to my favourite past time and make SFS the success it was always headed to be... it will be a slow start back there but I have big plans and ideas to put out there.

I look forward to updating you with more info very soon.


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